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Does your enterprise cybersecurity team understand your automation systems? Will the approach you have in place right now secure and protect your real world operations from disruption?

The truth is that many companies are using defensive strategies that were built based upon misunderstandings and gaps in their cybersecurity risk management.

Industrial controls that ensure safety, quality, environmental protection, and operational efficiencies require a specialized approach to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Analysis, Ltd. goes beyond enterprise cybersecurity. We help build a bridge between IT and your process control systems to address the specific cybersecurity risk management challenges inherent in industrial control systems. We can help you ensure that your company is properly protected to avoid catastrophic failures, costly errors, destruction of property and equipment, environmental damage, and most importantly, health and safety risks to your employees and partners.

Our expertise is in the systems that control equipment, plants, and devices in the real world. Unlike “enterprise only” professionals, we know the critical differences in approach to ICS, DCS, PCN, automation, and safety systems (SIL, SIS).


At Cybersecurity Analysis, Ltd., we know that creating a cybersecure culture isn’t dependent on technology alone; human behavior is an intrinsic part of the solution (answer). The combined experience of our two company principals allows us to take a unique and effective approach to cybersecurity risk management.

Leigh Weber - Lee Weber - of Cybersecurity Analysis, Ltd.
Leigh Weber,
CISSP, Founder & President
Ask Leigh Weber what prompted him to found Cybersecurity Analysis and the answer might surprise you. “I was mad,” he says. “It used to be that hackers were just out to show how smart they were, but they weren’t doing any real damage. Today’s threat actors cause great harm – either economically or physically – to people and to systems. I wanted to do something to stop it.”

Weber’s holistic approach to cybersecurity stems from his decades-long experience in industrial control systems and technology.

As the Principal of Weber Consulting, LLC, for nearly 20 years, Weber gained a deep understanding of the systems and processes that control equipment, plants, and devices in the real world. That knowledge, along with his extensive technical background in software and network design and testing, helped Weber gain a reputation for building bridges between business and IT groups.

Prior to founding Weber Consulting, Weber was a Technical Lead at The Vanguard Group, where he honed his skills to build world-class, streamlined workflows, drive efficiencies, and improve customer service.

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Audrey Jaffe of Cybersecurity Analysis, Ltd.
Audrey Jaffe,
Chief Operating Officer
Audrey Jaffe brings an uncommon perspective to the behavior management part of the Cybersecurity Analysis equation.

“I actually started out in technology,” she explains. “But I found myself getting frustrated. What I learned over time is that you can put together the most elegant system in the world, but unless people are ready, willing, and able to change so that they can work effectively alongside those new processes, it’s all useless.”

With that realization, Jaffe shifted her career path. “It became all about adoption for me,” she says. “It was my mantra. I focused on the people and process aspects of technology. That way, when we married the technology side to the human side, we could bring successful solutions to the fore that people adopted.”

Jaffe has extensive experience as a project manager, facilitator, and behavioral risk manager across many industries, including Pharma/Life Sciences, Media/Communications, Healthcare, and other Fortune 500 sectors. She has previously held positions at Arthur Andersen Consulting (Accenture), Bristol Myers Squibb, North Highland Consulting, and she was the Principal and Founder of Jaffe Consulting.

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