Our #1 goal is to help you create a self-sustaining culture of cybersecurity.

Even the best cybersecurity plan will fail if your staff is not intellectually and passionately invested in it. We create a cybersecure mindset throughout your organization by helping you:

  • PLAN. We work with you to develop a governance structure and processes to define your tolerance of risks to plants, systems, and people.
  • MANAGE. We do risk-based gap analysis using data and measurements to yield conclusive results. We then produce remediation plans, roadmaps, and shaping plans to give you effective ways to focus your resources to make you more secure.
  • COLLABORATE. We build bridges between departments that don’t normally work (well) together to create alignment (even if they disagree).
  • PROVIDE PERSPECTIVE. We coordinate both technical and behavior management experts to educate your staff about their personal roles and responsibilities in cybersecurity.

When should you call us?

Here are some of the roles and functions we can assist with:

  • REFEREE: If debates across departments have resulted in multiple and disparate potential plans for cybersecurity, we can provide an impartial evaluation of your architecture to help determine your needs.
  • EXECUTE: If you don’t know what to address first, we can help you find a consistent way to determine your priorities in relation to your budgets.
  • ICS CYBER EXPERTISE: If an enterprise-only vendor that doesn’t understand industrial control systems has suggested a penetration test to your signals and communication systems, we can help you perform safer and more effective tests that won’t endanger your entire system.
  • EXECUTIVE OUTREACH: If you need support for your cybersecurity plan, we can help you, the engineer, or the operations staff to demonstrate your risks to your executive team to help create buy-in.
  • ALIGN: If you need to get all of your organization on-board with a shared view of risk, we can help get everyone “rowing in the same direction” to achieve cyber risk management goals.
  • PROTECT: If you need day-to-day operational monitoring, identification and alerts when risky behavior is detected, our shared CISO program helps get you there.

We Think Like Hackers

Having been inside of many different enterprises across a wide range of industries, we know where unscrupulous characters are likely to look for vulnerabilities.

We make it our business to know what the hackers know. How do we do that? By constantly updating our skill sets so that we’re always on the leading edge of technology and social engineering.

Plus, we also keep our ears to the ground to monitor potential risks. If there’s an emerging threat, we’ll know about it.

What You Can Expect From Us: No “FUD” and No Thud

We promise a No-Thud Delivery approach. We won’t drop a pre-written plan on your doorstep and leave you to implement it. Instead, we’ll work side-by-side with you so that we can understand your systems from the ground up. Then, we’ll work with you to build lasting bridges between IT, automation specialists, and the executive level.

We won’t spread FUD. Companies that don’t understand the real-world cybersecurity risks that you face every day often rely on Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to sell their products. We understand that while protecting against catastrophe is important, it may be just as critical to guard against system disruptions that could cause delays, expose sensitive data, or create breaches in customers’ trust.

We’re committed to finding the best fit for you. We are standard agnostic. We stay impartial about how you run your operations, and instead focus on what we can do to protect them, at a cost that is commensurate with your risks.

We won’t push products on you. We’re not going to insist that such-and-such is the best solution because we’re getting a commission for it. Since we’re not tied to specific vendors, you can be assured that our recommendations are based on finding the best solution rather than lining our own pockets.

We won’t work in a vacuum. We have long-term partnerships and affiliations within the security world and across the industries we specialize in. We frequently consult with our network of expert connections to draw on their deep expertise so we can ensure that we’re creating the most-comprehensive cybersecurity plans possible.

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