PROBLEM STATEMENT: How to create and sustain a viable Cybersecurity Program?

Cybersecurity Challenge: You need to ensure that your networks and operations are running properly. When there is trouble you need resilience. Resilience requires both information integrity and operational integrity.

Staffing Challenges: Does your organization have trouble recruiting and retaining IT and cybersecurity expertise? It is very challenging to find all of the knowledge that your organization needs in just a few people or one person.

Every Organization is a Victim: Yes, your facility or agency may not be the primary target of a cyber attack, however, you may be collateral damage, i.e., the unintended recipient of a hack or attack. If your operations go down - will your customers or bottom line care whether you were the primary or accidental victim?

Prohibitive Costs: To build your own cybersecurity program from scratch is just too expensive. How can my organization leverage the knowledge and talent ‘out there’?.


SOLUTION: The Shared CISO* Program

Your organization gets full-time cybersecurity program management, risk assessment, operational review - while sharing costs with other organizations or agencies in your sector. Cybersecurity Analysis groups your shared CISO program in with other organizations that you already cooperate with, not your competitors. Our team, with broad expertise, applies their knowledge to meet your needs.

It is a Cybersecurity Program based upon the evolving standards and recommended practices for your industry. We know the NIST framework and standards from: NIST, ISA, IEC, ISO, APTA, API among others.

*CISO - Chief Information Security Officer. We are using this term to represent your entire cybersecurity effort.


Shared CISO Program Benefits:
A sustainable and evergreen Cybersecurity Program and culture...

IDENTIFY: Cyber risks uncovered and discovered Cybersecurity Analysis identifies your organization's risks and gaps in operations, finances, government regulation, reputation, environment, and health & safety.

PROTECT: Cyber risks and gaps mitigated and remediated Cybersecurity Analysis gets your organization’s systems and procedures hardened to reduce the likelihood of a significant breach.

Behavior change is fostered to promote safe cyber practices, e.g, identify phishing attempts.

DETECT: Proactive communication of alerts and notifications Cybersecurity Analysis provides timely alerts and notifications for unusual or suspicious activity to the appropriate parties.

RESPOND: Effective and appropriate response for your organization's cyber processes and controls Cybersecurity Analysis’ SMEs guide your response.

RECOVER: Coordinated approach to get back to business-as-usual Cybersecurity Analysis will augment and complement your abilities to get back to normal operations.

Additional benefits include:

Cost savings – Improved bottom-line through resource sharing

Keep current – Stay up-to-date and informed through periodic reviews

Enhanced processes – Enhanced Cybersecurity approaches and processes through knowledge sharing across your sector / industry


Shared CISO Special Projects:

Cybersecurity Analysis works with your teams to ensure that cybersecurity best practices are ‘baked into’ everything you do including: solution architecture; turn-key solution selection; site acceptance testing; documentation of ‘as-built/as-implemented’ systems.

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